Jalur Rempah

Penggalian kembali ekosistem bahari yang berdiri dari jalur dan jejak masa lampau. Suatu sudut pandang dan fondasi dari masa lalu sebagai masa kini. Rangkaian ingatan kolektif sebagai pengetahuan dalam membangun masa depan.

The Route

The Spice Routes covers various cultural routes that gave rise to global civilization & revive the people of Nusantara’s role centuries ago.

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The Trail

The traces display the cultural interactions in the past that still exist today, a cultural heritage that has become Indonesia’s collective memory.

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The Future

A means of reconstruction and revitalization of the nautical cultural routes. Re-excavating the potentials for sustainable wealth and prosperity of all.

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The Spice Routes, World Magnet

The cultural assimilation and its connectedness among nations in Indonesia did not just happen. International traders played a significant role in the cultural development that left the traces we can find today. It is due to the spice commodity, coming from various islands in Nusantara that formed the trade traffic in the past, and thus becoming a cultural route.


15 September 2022

Seminar Internasional Melayu dalam Jaringan Perdagangan Rempah Dunia dalam Rangka Kenduri Swarnabhumi

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