Gohu Fish: The Typical Dish of Ternate


29 December 2021

Gohu fish uses tuna and skipjack.

Gohu fish is a typical fish of Ternate and the areas around it.

Gohu fish is assumed to have been created by sailors.

Gohu fish is similar to sashimi from Japan and ceviche from Peru.

In North Maluku, there's a raw fish-based like sashimi from Japan or ceviche from Peru. It is gohu fish, the typical dish of Ternate made of raw tuna or skipjack. 

To make it is easy: (1) the skipjack or tuna is diced, (2) the fish is smeared with lemon and salt to remove the smell and fishy taste, (3) the fish is seasoned with saute shallots, cayenne pepper, and walnut, and (4) the gohu fish is ready to serve. This menu fits with other typical dish of Maluku, including sago, boiled banana, boiled taro, or boiled cassava. 

The dish probably emerged from the fishers' habit who went to the sea to look for fish for days to different waters around Ternate, circling the Sulawesi Sea in the north and Banda sea in the south. At sea, the fishers processed their catch into food. Among them were tuna and skipjack. They eat them raw with simple ingredients easy to bring and process on the fishing boat. The habit developed when Ternate became known as an area that produced spices in the 14th century.


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