Tepuk Tepung Tawar: Riau Malay Traditional Ceremony


9 February 2022

Tepuk Tepung Tawar's Procession

Tepuk Tepung Tawar is done in a salvation ceremony

The materials used in Tepuk Tepung Tawar

Tepuk Tepung Tawar is also done in a wedding ceremony

Tepuk Tepung Tawar is done in a wedding ceremony as a hope for the couple to always be together

Tepuk Tepung Tawar is done in the official inauguration ceremony

Another example of materials used in Tepuk Tepung Tawar

Tepung Tepung Tawar is a sacred ceremony of the Malay community, especially in Riau. The ceremony is a manifestation as the Malay community's gratitude after they feel God's favor and a blessing prayer to the Almighty to give them safety and blessings. Tepuk Tepung Tawar ceremony is also held by the Malay community in other events, like weddings, circumcision ceremonies, moving to a new house, and other ceremonies. 

Tepuk Tepung Tawar's procession must be done by someone who understands the tradition. The ceremony is conducted by patting powder on the back and front sides of the hands, and splashing rose water to people who will be given the ceremony. The splatter order is pictured in lam alif (ﻻ), meaning "God Wills". Tepuk Tepung Tawar ceremony is continued by sprinkling potpourri flowers, white rice, and yellow rice (rice that has been colored with turmeric) on the entire body that has been smeared with plain flour. 

Every part of the Tepuk Tepung Tawar ceremony's equipment has its meaning. For example, turmeric rice means honor, the cleaned white rice symbolizes self chastity, and rose water symbolizes a good reputation (fragrant name). The procession ends with prayers for the people whom they hold the ceremony for, to be in safety and full of greatness. 



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Kamar Zaman, Laskar Rempah’s member from Riau

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